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When a special skywatching event occurs or a particularly news-worthy article appears in Sky & Telescope magazine, we post a press release here. Most releases are also sent out via e-mail by the American Astronomical Society’s press officer, Richard Fienberg; freelance science journalists and accredited members of the media may contact the AAS to sign up for this service.

Below you may explore archived articles covering rare conjunctions to comets to meteor showers. If you choose to reference one of our press releases, please credit us and, if appropriate, include a link to

Although they can appear anywhere in the night sky, Geminid meteors appear to radiate from near the star Castor in the constellation Gemini, which is well above the horizon by late evening.
Sky & Telescope

Geminid Meteors will be Sparse in Bright Moonlight Tonight

A Sky & Telescope press release Contact: Alan M. MacRobert, Senior Editor 617-864-7360 x22151, Note to Editors/Producers: You may use the illustration below. Open it in a new window for the high-res version. The annual Geminid meteor shower should reach its peak late tonight (December 13th), but this year most of the meteors will…