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NGC 3172 by David Ratledge

Circumpolar Galaxies

In our February 2016 issue, Contributing Editor Steve Gottlieb provided some inspiration for observing galaxies in "the far north," or above +85° declination. On a single night at a remote site in the Sierra Nevada range (7,200 feet elevation), he observed  35 circumpolar galaxies, including a few below the +85° cut-off limit. Here, we're...

Sky & Telescope December 2015

Inside the December 2015 Issue

PURCHASE PRINT ISSUE | PURCHASE DIGITAL ISSUE | PURCHASE BACK ISSUES | SUBSCRIBE Special Issue: 100 Years of General Relativity A century after Einstein published his theory of general relativity, this special issue looks back at how the theory revolutionized astronomy. We also look forward to see how astronomy can continue to break new...

Elliptical Galaxy IC 2006

Monster Galaxies

Take advantage of early evenings and dark winter skies — turn your scope southward to view some of the most massive objects in the universe.


Inside the November 2015 Issue

PURCHASE PRINT ISSUE | PURCHASE DIGITAL ISSUE | PURCHASE BACK ISSUES | SUBSCRIBE From the Sun to Pluto: A Closer Look at Our Solar System Our November issue takes us on a tour across the solar system. First stop: the Sun, where we see flares that pack as much energy as they do mystery....


Inside the September 2015 Issue

PURCHASE PRINT ISSUE | PURCHASE DIGITAL ISSUE | PURCHASE BACK ISSUES | SUBSCRIBE Unraveling Astronomical Mysteries Under the Harvest Moon The red light of a harvest Moon sets the perfect mood for unraveling astronomical mysteries. (And of course, read all about where and when to see the eclipse in this issue.) S&T Science Editor...

Sky & Telescope Fleece

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The Herschel Sprint

Observers can experience Herschel’s “Night of Discovery,” featured in the April 2015 issue of Sky & Telescope, for themselves. Like the Messier Marathon, the Herschel Sprint can be completed in one moonless night in the spring. Purists can recreate the sweep using an eyepiece that provides a magnification of about 150x, sweeping in a...