Sky & Telescope Errata: 2011

September 2011

Page 60: The article "Beyond the Familiar Veil" used red for the highlighted objects, making it unusable by red flashlight at night. A corrected version is available in PDF form at

July 2011

Page 45: The all-sky chart on pages 44-45 mistakenly shows Mars just above the western horizon. In fact, Mars is not visible on July evenings

May 2011

Page 59: M85's companion galaxy is NGC 4394, not NGC 4293 as stated in the caption to the photo.

April 2011

Page 62: The lunar
eclipse dated “Oct. 17, 2004” actually happened on
October 27th–28th of that year.

March 2011

Page 42: Halley's Comet will next reach perihelion in 2061, not 2062 as stated in the caption to the photo.

Click above for a larger version of this chart.
Tony Flanders
February 2011

Page 36: Sirius B was discovered by Alvan Graham Clark, not by his more famous father Alvan Clark, as implied in the box in the article Great Winter Double Stars.

Page 60: A subtle layering error in Adobe Illustrator caused the three brightest stars in the chart on page 60 of the Deep-Sky Wonders column to be overprinted, rendering them very hard to see. Click here to download a corrected chart as a 120-Kb JPEG image.

Page 62: The double star Struve 742 lies ½° east of M1, not west as stated on page 62 of Deep-Sky Wonders.

January 2011

Page 77: The Heart Nebula, shown on page 77 of the Gallery department, is IC 1805, not NGC 1795. The smaller nebula IC 1795 is also shown in the image. See for a map and discussion of this area.