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Many topics in astronomy are ideally explained in print — but not all. For instance, it's a lot easier to show how to use a telescope than to put it into words. And watching an author talk about an abstruse topic often helps bring it to life. Below you'll find a sampling of our videos.

SkyWeek TV - Archive

View the full archive of SkyWeek TV with Tony Flanders

Tips and Techniques

Using Star Charts and Star Wheels
Tips on Orion's 3-inch Altaz Reflector

Interviews with S&T Editors

Tony Flanders
Alan MacRobert
Robert Naeye
Sean Walker
Pat Coppola

Interviews with S&T Authors

Arne Henden on 100 Years of Variable Star Observing

Laura Brenneman on Black Holes

Mario Motta on the Medical Effects of Light Pollution

Product Videos

Dennis di Cicco at AIC 2012
Dennis di Cicco at NEAF 2012
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About Our Magazines

70 Years of S&T: A Retrospective
SkyWatch 2012: A Preview

See also Astronomy in Motion, our collection of videos, time-lapse movies, and animations showing astronomical subjects as they change and move across the sky.