cosmic microwave background

B-mode discovery telescope

Direct Evidence of Big Bang Inflation

Researchers with an experiment based at the South Pole have discovered the long-sought "smoking gun" for inflation. The signal was hidden in polarization patterns in the cosmic microwave background and confirms physicists' audacious theory of how the Big Bang happened.

Planck cosmic microwave background

Planck: Best Map Yet of Cosmic Creation

Planck mission scientists have released the first half of their observations of the cosmic microwave background. The results are a stunning confirmation of today's standard model for how the universe formed and grew. But they also raise some head-scratchers.

Planck temperature map of universe

What’s Next for Inflation Cosmology – New Updates!

Our July cover story is the apparent discovery of gravitational waves from the instant of inflation when the Big Bang took shape. The article just scratches the surface of this incredible topic — and since it was printed, a serious challenge to the discovery has been raised. Here are more links regarding what could...