The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

The Moon’s umbral shadow will cross the United States on August 21, 2017, creating a coast-to-coast total solar eclipse visible to millions. We’ve assembled the resources here to help you prepare for this grand celestial spectacle, so you’ll know how to watch the eclipse safely, what the weather will be like at your location, what equipment (if any) you’ll need, and what groups across the United States are planning for the event.

Diamond of Three Rings

A total solar eclipse offers the most spectacular of jewels, the diamond ring, as the Moon blocks all but a small part of the Sun's brilliance.

A Compact, Lightweight Solar Projection Viewer

Learn how to make a travel-friendly solar projection viewer for your telescope — just in time for the eclipse! Each summer I have the privilege to run the Student Telescope Making Program at the Table Mountain Star Party (TMSP). Over the course of a few hours, students assemble telescopes and use them that night out…