Editorial Mission Statement

From Rate Card #57
Effective January 2018
Now in its 77th year, Sky & Telescope is the world's leading compendium of timely and accurate information about the science and hobby of astronomy.

Our magazine appeals to the devoted amateur looking to enhance observing skills and learn about the latest equipment, as well as to professionals and academics desiring to keep up with this dynamic field.

Our readers include the most active observers worldwide — those who stargaze regularly and travel to remote places to find dark skies or chase solar eclipses. These enthusiasts
can't wait to learn about new equipment and techniques, and they aggressively seek every opportunity to view rare or unusual celestial sights.

Our articles are rich in information and images that compel readers to go out and experience the night sky firsthand. Our science features offer the most authoritative reports on discoveries in astronomy and space science. Our practical and attractive sky maps, coupled with helpful tips from highly skilled observers, ensure that stargazers can locate and enjoy the highlights of each month's sky. In every issue we showcase the best images from the world's best astrophotographers. And we publish more elaborate, thorough, and objective product reviews, and more of them, than any other astronomy magazine.

With seven successful decades behind us, Sky & Telescope will continue to provide essential astronomical information to enthusiasts of all levels, enticing readers to become dedicated night-sky explorers and advocates for this exciting science.

Peter Tyson
Editor in Chief, Sky & Telescope

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