Stargazing with Tony Flanders

Senior editor Tony Flanders was a prolific blogger before entering the video world with SkyWeek TV. Catch up with the most visible member of Sky &Telescope as he muses on all the various aspects of stargazing. An avid hiker and visual astronomer, Tony’s blog describes recent celestial events and ever-present celestian bodies with an expert’s eye, including information on the equipment that he uses to find certain challenging targets. You’ll also find buyer’s guides to telescopes, binoculars, and more. But the stargazing-specific posts are only the beginning. You’ll also find him pondering the similarities of stars and snowflakes, as well as the nature of fear in modern society as related to stargazing. Read on as Tony Flanders brings the world of stargazing to your screen.

Light-Pollution Atlas Old and New

Corrected Light-Pollution Atlas

New work indicates that the venerable and highly respected World Atlas of Aritifical Night Sky Brightness was systematically distorted by snow cover when the underlying satellite data was obtained.

Number of stars visible at different seasons

Hobby Q&A

How far away can we detect exoplanets? How many stars are visible to the unaided eye? Read Hobby Q&A to find answers to these and other questions.

RTMC 2010, Part I

For the first time in its history, the Riverside Telescope Maker's Conference was held at new Moon instead of on Memorial Day weekend. That allowed some wonderful views of galaxies under surprisingly dark skies.

The First Geek

Not all geeks are astronomers, but many astronomers are geeks. Let's take a look at the archetypal geek who died 22 centuries ago.

Binocular Blogs

Binocular stargazing has a peaceful, organic quality that's hard to achieve through a telescope. Here's a list of some blogs the author has written on this subject.