Choosing Your Equipment — A Guide for Astronomers

Telescopes come in an overwhelming variety of sizes, shapes, and prices. So buying your first scope can be a rather daunting task. Do you opt for the pricey one with a computer built into the hand control or the larger one that’s pure mirrors? What do the words “refractor” and “reflector” mean anyways?

Here Sky & Telescope provides an array of articles to help you choose a telescope that will be right for you. We’ll dive into the basic telescope types and telescope mounts; We’ll explain that size does matter, i.e. a larger mirror will let you see fainter objects in finer detail than a smaller one can; And we’ll help you choose equipment to use along with your newly bought telescope, such as eyepieces and filters.

These articles provide useful tips for someone just getting started and someone who has years of observing experience.

City stargazing

Observing from the City

With the stars increasing being lost amid the light pollution of our urban areas, is there no hope for an astronomer in the city? Fortunately, there's still a lot of observing that can be done.