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Dive deep enough into astronomy, and you’ll find yourself wondering which telescope to buy or what camera would be best for astrophotography. The editors of Sky & Telescope are here to help. Every month we showcase the newest products on the astronomy market, and several times a year, editors visit national conferences to chat with equipment manufacturers and vendors. We brings the products to life in our series of exclusive video interviews.

We’ve got a bevy of articles that tell you everything you need to know before you buy, whether you’re in the market for a new telescope, eyepiece, or binoculars. And get your hands dirty with our do-it-yourself section that shows you how to modify, care for, and improve your equipment.


Meade Instruments Corp. at NEAF 2017

Sky & Telescope's Dennis di Cicco and Meade’s Scott Byrum look at many of the products Meade had on display at this year’s Northeast Astronomy Forum. With an eye toward the upcoming total solar eclipse, they take a detailed look at the Coronado line of affordable hydrogen-alpha solar scopes, and the company’s new EclipseView line of…

iOptron at NEAF 2017

Sky & Telescope’s Dennis di Cicco talks with iOptron’s Roger Rivers about some of the newest products in the company’s expanding line of mounts and telescopes. They give special emphasis to the new, highly versatile and extremely portable Sky Tracker Pro mount designed for cameras and small telescopes.   See additional videos from the 2017…

Finger Lakes Instrumentation at NEAF 2017

Gary McAnally of Finger Lakes Instrumentation shows Sky & Telescope’s Dennis di Cicco some of FLI’s newest imaging equipment, including the Kepler line of cooled, scientific-grade CMOS cameras, which feature high sensitivity, extremely low read noise, and high frame rates. See additional videos from the 2017 Northeast Astronomy Forum. Return to our Product Videos page.

Astronomy Equipment Videos

Welcome to Sky & Telescope’s product videos. Over the past few years, former S&T senior editor Dennis di Cicco has interviewed many manufacturers and vendors of astronomy equipment in an effort to bring their products to life in a way that you will find useful. You can also find these videos on Sky & Telescope's…