Astronomy and Society

Astronomy might be about the heavens, but it has effects right here on Earth, too. Some of these impacts are on the world scale — such as the meteoroid that detonated over Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2013. Others are less blockbuster, such as the growing race to mine asteroids or the successful launch of homemade satellites. And then there are the hoaxes that fill our inboxes from well-meaning friends and the hype over putative “supermoons“.

Here you’ll find the latest news and blogs on the things in astronomy that touch our lives. Whether it be NASA space policy or the facts behind Daylight Saving Time, we’ll keep you up to speed on how you can be involved in astronomy and how astronomy endeavors are affecting you and our society.

Cosmos Studios logo

Dawn of a New Cosmos

A big-budget television series about astronomy — a much-anticipated sequel to the iconic 1980 original — debuts this weekend in 174 countries and 47 languages.

Path of Ceres in 1800

Why Do We Call Them “Asteroids”?

When astronomers discovered the first objects orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, at first they didn't know what to call them. Today we know them as asteroids, and the creator of that term has finally been identified.