What’s in a Name?

Clear Sky Chart
This box with colored squares is very familiar to amateur astronomers. Keep the lawyers at bay by calling it the Clear Sky Chart from now on. Click on the image to see the latest forecast for Boston, or go to the main page to find others throughout North America.
Attilla Danko, Clear Sky Chart
Lawyers can be such a pain. Because of people worrying about name and trademark confusion, Attilla Danko's fabulously useful weather-forecasting tool has officially changed names to Clear Sky Chart. Please make a note of it. You can read the gory details of Danko's decision on his FAQ page.

While it's a shame that he had to be bothered by such machinations, users are barely affected. Because Danko never used "clock" as part of the URL, all the thousands of links in browser bookmarks and on home pages of astronomy clubs will still work.

5 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Eric

    Lawyers are pain. I had noticed the change, but the Clear Sky Clock (Chart)–just in case there are any lawyers watching–on my Web site and on my astronomy group page work just fine, as they always have.

  2. Phil

    “First thing, let’s kill all the lawyers…”

    Sadly, attorneys can even foul up a benign activity as star gazing.

    Perhaps a boycott of the “Skyclock” product is in order…

  3. Charles

    Yes, i do confess, before all my fellow stargazers, i’m a lawyer.

    The two are not mutually exclusive, i’m the very proof of it.

    But that’s when the lawyers stop looking to the skies and start looking to the world around us that we become dangerous 😉

    Clear dark sky to all of you, with or without your “sky clocks/charts”

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