Family Fun with Sky Watching

Make stargazing a family activity! Find and view the planets together, or spend an early morning watching a meteor shower. We’ve collected several fun projects in which you can fashion your own observing tools. After creating them together, step outside and use them!

Kids will have fun making star maps, which can be used throughout the year to locate your favorite stars and constellations, and a sundial, which will help them measure time on sunny days. We even have a card game to help the entire family learn 52 constellations.

Whether you’re stargazing with a few loved ones or with the whole neighborhood, Sky & Telescope has some family-friendly projects for you to try.

How to Make a Sundial the Simple Way

Sundials are amazingly simple yet effective devices. They range from sticks planted in the ground to precision-machined marvels costing thousands of dollars. The design shown here can be constructed in minutes from materials lying around your house, but it's surprisingly accurate.

John Grunsfeld

Party with the Stars

Want to gaze at the Milky Way all night or peer into the eyepiece of a 12-foot-tall telescope? Then escape the city lights and head for the nearest “star party.”