Sky & Telescope’s 2020 Cruise Adventure: Totality and Antarctica!

Join our exciting 3-week cruise, and you'll enjoy a "double-dip" adventure that immerses you in totality and lets you explore the Antarctic Peninsula.

Route of <i>Sky &amp; Telescope's</i> 2020 eclipse cruise

On Sky & Telescope's 2020 cruise, you'll explore many exciting ports of call — and close-up views of Antarctica — before witnessing a total eclipse of the Sun.

The eyes of eclipse-chasers worldwide are on the Southern Hemisphere, where the Moon's shadow will cross both in 2019 and on December 14, 2020.

Sky & Telescope is pleased to announce a 2020 solar-eclipse expedition that will immerse you in an outdoor adventure that only South America and Antarctica offer!

During our 23-day cruise, you’ll gaze on Chilean fjords and glaciers, make an iconic passage around rugged Cape Horn, and sail the legendary Drake Passage. Drink in four days of Antarctic beauty, maneuvering amid the continent's waters and icebergs. (Note: We will not set foot on Antarctic land.)

Our itinerary gives you opportunities to visit penguin rookeries, whale watch, take an excursion to an Antarctic military base, learn about the yerba mate tea culture, tango, and drink local wines. Pencil in some holiday shopping in Punta Arenas and Ushuaia, too. 

Then, while enjoying the comfort — and mobility — of our ship, you’ll revel in seeing totality for an estimated 2m 7s off the coast of Argentina.

World-Class Speakers

While at sea, you'll have exclusive classes on solar and planetary science, oceanography, and space exploration led by these world-renowned experts:

Dr. John GrunsfeldJohn Grunsfeld flew five Space Shuttle missions as an astronaut (including three Hubble servicing missions). Later he served as Deputy Director of the Space Telescope Science Institute, as NASA’s Associate Administrator for Science, and as the agency’s Chief Scientist. When not researching exoplanets and the search for life beyond Earth, Grunsfeld enjoys mountaineering, sailing, and flying small aircraft.

Dr. Carolyn PorcoCarolyn Porco led the imaging science team on the Cassini mission in orbit around Saturn from 2004 to 2017. Her research interests have ranged across the outer solar system, with particular emphasis on planetary rings and the active Saturnian moon Enceladus. Dr. Porco's popular writing appears in many publications, and in 2012 Time magazine named her one the 25 most influential people in space.

Dr. Harold Tobin

Harold Tobin, a Professor of Geoscience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is an expert in plate tectonics and marine geology. He studies the workings of fault zones where plates collide, particularly in subduction zones. While a doctoral student, he took a literal plunge into the deep ocean in the research submersible Alvin, and ever since his research has taken him to geologic hotspots worldwide.

Dr. Nicola FoxNicola "Nicky" Fox is project scientist for NASA's Parker Solar Probe Mission (PSP), which is slated for launch in mid-2018. Her research focuses on space weather, Earth's auroras, and the variability of Earth's Van Allen radiation belts. More recently Dr. Fox has focused on the solar wind. She is actively involved with education and outreach efforts through NASA's Heliophysics program.

S&T's Kelly BeattyKelly Beatty, Senior Contributing Editor at Sky & Telescope, has been a part of the magazine’s editorial staff since 1974. An award-winning writer who specializes in planetary science and space exploration, Kelly has helped lead S&T eclipse tours since 1991. He’s experienced totality 12 times — including three each from aboard ships and on airplanes.

A Remarkable Travel Experience

Pricing for our 2020 sailing has not been released, and once that happens we will update this page. However, Insight Cruises, our travel partner, has a good sense of the expected prices based on the ship’s 2019 itinerary. So you can reserve your cabin now for this expedition.

Cruising through Antarctica

Our cruise ship will spend four days exploring the Antarctic Peninsula's Danco Coast, Palmer Archipelago, and Antarctic Sound.

Note that it will be possible to board our ship in Ushuaia, Argentina, on December 4th. However, due to Argentinian Customs restrictions, we have only 40 slots available for this late boarding. So if you want to join the cruise late, after the first week, we urge you to book now.

Sky & Telescope’s 2020 eclipse cruise will be more than a classic trip into the Moon’s shadow. It will offer a rare chance to explore many amazing destinations, to learn from A-list experts on a variety of topics, and to stand in the Moon’s shadow — all during a single, incredible adventure.

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