Astronomy Videos

Many topics in astronomy are ideally explained in print. But not all. For instance, it’s a lot easier to show how to use a telescope than to put it into words. And watching an author about on abstruse topic often helps bring it to life.

Welcome to Sky & Telescope‘s full archive of astronomy videos. Below you’ll find videos ranging from interviews with editors and contributing authors to manufacturers and and vendors of astronomy equipment.

Discover how our editor-in-chief, Robert Naeye, fell in love with astronomy in his hunt for the elusive planet X; how the director of art and design, Pat Coppola, works hard to create a magazine that’s pleasing to the eye. Or how to find the best fiber-glass observatories from one of our favorite manufacturers.

PlaneWave Instruments at AIC 2013

  Sky & Telescope senior editor Dennis di Cicco talks to Rick Hedrick and Allan Keller of PlaneWave Instruments about their new products and services. See additional videos from the 2013 Advanced Imaging Conference in Santa Clara, California. Return to our Product Videos page.