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Autumn Equinox Sky Camp 2006

England’s Autumn Sky Camp

For those who were fortunate enough to attend Britian's Autumn Equinox Sky Camp, they were treated to nine days of astronomical camaraderie along with a few nights of near-perfect observing conditions.

An Occultation Primer

The Moon frequently passes in front of stars. In rare cases, planets and asteroids will also obscure starlight for a short time. Here are some basic definitions that will help you understand what occultations are about.

Faulkes Telescope Project Launched

Last March 16th the IMAX Theatre of London's Science Museum provided the venue for the launch of the Faulkes Telescope Project (FTP). Hundreds of schoolchildren, their teachers, and astronomers were on hand to celebrate the generosity and vision of British entrepreneur Dill Faulkes, whose educational trust provided $18 million to fund the construction of two…

Webcam Imagers Gather for Q-2004

On February 21st, the Marston Vale Millennium Country Park in Bedfordshire, England, provided the venue for Q-2004, the second symposium of the QuickCam and Unconventional Imaging Astronomy Group (QCUIAG). Drawing speakers and exhibitors from the UK, Slovakia, Norway, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and the US, the event enabled an eager audience to savor the collective wisdom…

Britain’s Sir Patrick Moore at 80

During a party held at the prestigious Athenaeum Club in London's Pall Mall on the evening of March 5th, friends old and new gathered to pay tribute to Patrick Moore on the occasion of his 80th birthday (which was actually the day before) and to celebrate the launch of his long-awaited autobiography. Moore needs no…

European Virtual Observatory One Step Nearer

During a press conference held at Jodrell Bank Observatory in the United Kingdom on January 20th, journalists, astronomers, and potential European Union financial backers got a real-time demonstration of the prototype Astrophysical Virtual Observatory (AVO) software. The groundbreaking event marked the conclusion of the first year of the project; the goal is a fully functioning…