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Saturn Hides Another Star

On Tuesday November 25th, Saturn and its ring system glide in front of an 8.3-magnitude star in Gemini, the second time Saturn has occulted a star in 10 days.

Dust Storm on Mars

A large regional dust storm has enveloped several thousand square kilometers of the red planet and shows no signs of abating.

A Naked-Eye Spot Returns

The immense sunspot group that on November 4th ejected the largest solar flare ever recorded has rotated around the Sun and is back for a second pass across the Earth-facing side of the solar disk.

More Solar Blasts

Two large sunspot groups, currently disappearing around the western limb of the Sun, spawned another round of powerful flares. The result could be one more fine display of the aurora.

Saturn Transits the Crab

During the night of January 4–5, North American observers are well positioned to watch Saturn transit the face of M1, the Crab Nebula. But will the glare from the planet obscure the nebula?

A Pretty Pair of Fuzzies

On April 4th Comet Ikeya-Zhang paid a visit to the Andromeda Galaxy's neighborhood. This pretty sight was observed and photographed by amateur astronomers worldwide. Observers report that the comet's brightness is holding steady at magnitude 3.5 or so. The tail extends some 4° or 5° from Ikeya-Zhang's coma. Until mid-April the comet will remain very…