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Rod Mollise

The Herschel Project

“Uncle Rod” chats with S&T editor in chief Robert Naeye about how he conducted the Herschel Project and whether it’s possible for experienced amateurs to “run out” of deep-sky objects to observe.

Angles of Venus transits

Transits of Venus Explained

The transits of Venus are separated alternately by 8, 105, or 121½ years, making June 5-6's transit the last we'll see in our lifetimes. Find out the method behind the madness of Venus's transit cycle.

Robert Stencel

Robert Stencel on Epsilon Aurigae

For the past several years, thousands of amateur astronomers around the world have recorded brightness observations of the enigmatic eclipsing binary star Epsilon Aurigae. They used everything from their naked eyes to sophisticated electronic detectors. Astronomers have known for nearly two centuries that the star dims by nearly a full magnitude every 27 years, with…

Grimsby Fireball

Rocks From Heaven

This video compiles footage from five cameras that were part of the Southern Ontario Meteor Network. Each clip shows the bright streak of light that illuminated the skies on September 25, 2009 from a different angle.