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I'm a 32 year old amateur Astrophotographer. I have always loved the cosmos since I was a young boy living on the farm. I remember sitting up all night with my first telescope during a blue Moon waiting for the Moon to turn blue. I was just a little disappointed. We eventually moved to the city and I grew up. 8 years ago I was out of the city camping and I looked up. I forgot what beauty was up there. That's when my passion for astronomy was reignited. When I got back to the city I did a little research and ended up buying my first professional telescope. I have been teaching myself the dark arts of astrophotography since then. And I'm getting pretty good at it. But there is always more to learn. Becoming a professional is not my destination but rather the journey is my destination. I'll be an amateur forever and I'm just ok with that. I have to say the thing that I love most about the cosmos it the fact your always looking into the past when you look up.