Planetariums come in all sizes with projectors varying from the old-school star globes to the new digital ones. A visit to any planetarium is well worth it.

Every planetarium offers a classic “The Sky Tonight” show, which will provide a tour of the celestial heavens for the following night — pointing out constellations, telling tales, and finding nearby deep space objects which are easily seen with a pair of binoculars. Other planetariums will offer more specialized shows where an expert helps you explore the solar system or dive into a black hole.

Attending a nearby planetarium at home or while on vacation is an opportunity any stargazer shouldn’t miss!

Bakersfield College Planetarium

NAME Bakersfield College Planetarium ADDRESS 1801 Panorama DriveBakersfieldCalifornia 93305 USA CONTACT Nicolas V. Strobel PHONE 661-395-4526 EMAIL URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS OTHER INFORMATION

Barlow Planetarium

NAME Barlow Planetarium ADDRESS 1478 Midway Rd.MenashaWisconsin 54952 USA CONTACT Ty Westbrook PHONE 920-832-2848 EMAIL URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS OTHER INFORMATION Northeast Wisconsin's premier planetarium facility since 1998 featuring a 48-foot projection dome, Digistar 3-D excitement, giant full-color special effects, laser shows and crystal-clear, five-channel, 10,000 watt THX surround sound. The Barlow Planetarium…