Sky & Telescope‘s clubs and organizations listings enable you to find communities and get involved in the hobby and science of astronomy. We invite those with passion for a particular facet of astronomy, including everything from collecting meteor observations to monitoring variable stars, to browse the Special-Interest category below. You’ll find local and international organizations alike that cater to your topic, such as the International Meteor Organization, the American Association of Variable Star Observers, and many more.

Alavi Association of Astronomy

  NAME Alavi Association of Astronomy ADDRESS Moshki st, Alavi highschool Tehran Iran CONTACT Ahmadreza Hoseini PHONE +989127171246 EMAIL arhoseini@outlook.com URL http://alaviastro.rozblog.com NUMBER OF MEMBERS 30 OTHER INFORMATION We do a lot of projects like Observations ,teaching, writing and translating,developing some special tools like spectrograph and autoguider,researching , photography and other astronomical activities like that.

Almerzem Astro Team

NAME Almerzem Astro Team ADDRESS kuwaitkuwait Kuwait CONTACT Abdulaziz PHONE EMAIL URL www.almerzem.com NUMBER OF MEMBERS OTHER INFORMATION Almerzem Astro Team is an amateur astronomer from Kuwait. Our site includes Astrophotgraphy & Astronomy News.

American Meteor Society, Ltd.

NAME American Meteor Society, Ltd. ADDRESS Dept. of Physics-AstronomySUNY-GeneseoGeneseoNew York 14454 USA CONTACT David Meisel PHONE 716-245-5282, fax: 716-243-1901 EMAIL meisel@uno.cc.geneseo.edu;http:/ URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS OTHER INFORMATION

Astronomer The

NAME Astronomer The ADDRESS 16 Westminster CloseBasingstoke Hants. RG22 4PP United Kingdom CONTACT Guy M. Hurst PHONE fax: +44-1256-471074 EMAIL guy@tahq.demon.co.uk URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS OTHER INFORMATION

astronomo . org

NAME astronomo . org ADDRESS Barcelona Spain CONTACT Sebastia Torrell PHONE EMAIL sebtor@astronomo.org URL http://www.astronomo.org NUMBER OF MEMBERS http://www.astronomo.org OTHER INFORMATION Forum dedicated to astronomic observations and practice, for astronomy amateurs (spanish no restrictive)

Astronomy Day Headquarters

NAME Astronomy Day Headquarters ADDRESS Astronomy Day Headquarters 30 Stargazer Lane Comstock Park, MI 49504 USA CONTACT Gary Tomlinson PHONE 616-784-9518 EMAIL   gtomlins@sbcglobal.net URL  http://www.astroleague.org/al/astroday/astrodayform.html NUMBER OF MEMBERS OTHER INFORMATION

Bhaskaracharya Astronomy Research Centre

NAME Bhaskaracharya Astronomy Research Centre ADDRESS 46, Ayodhyanagar, Behind Industrial EstateKedgaon,Ahmednagar 414005 India CONTACT Dinesh Nisang PHONE 0241-2551764 EMAIL barc_anagar@yahoo.co.in URL www.bhaskarastro.org NUMBER OF MEMBERS 300 OTHER INFORMATION BARC is an Educational institution having registration certificate No. F-8550 under Bombay public trust Act Mah/918/04 A.Nagar dated 14/10/04 under society Reg. Act .We work under these…

Celestial North

NAME Celestial North ADDRESS 2120-B Goodell RoadFreelandWashington 98249 USA CONTACT Greg Donohue PHONE 206.730.2682 EMAIL mail@CelestialNorth.org URL http://www.CelestialNorth.org NUMBER OF MEMBERS OTHER INFORMATION

Cosmic Academy

NAME Cosmic Academy ADDRESS P.O. Box 528117FlushingNew York 11352-8117 USA CONTACT Makarand Bidwai PHONE 718-460-8477 EMAIL m_bidwai@cosmicacademy.net URL http://www.cosmicacademy.net NUMBER OF MEMBERS OTHER INFORMATION

Cosmic Academy

NAME Cosmic Academy ADDRESS P.O. Bx 10236AlexandriaAlexandriaVirginia 22310.0236 USA CONTACT Makarand Bidwai PHONE 7184608477 EMAIL m_bidwai@cosmicacademy.net URL www.cosmicacademy.net NUMBER OF MEMBERS OTHER INFORMATION Educational Outreach. We have the flagship presentation of the Cosmic Academy each Thursday night at The Great Falls, McLean, Virginia, a site preserved by the National Parks Service. Naked eye identification of…