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Black Holes

Black holes are the ultimate unknown. Nothing, not even light, can escape their confines. The mysterious leviathans affect everything around them, even changing the course of evolution for the galaxies they call home. In this free eBook, the editors of Sky & Telescope have compiled recent research that's revealing black holes' secrets.

Meteors eBook
Shooting Stars:
The History, Art, and Science of Meteor-Watching

Just in time for peak meteor shower season, this free eBook from Sky & Telescope provides a peek into the history, art and science of meteor-watching. Make your next night of meteor-watching more successful — and more fun!
Saturn's Bounty from Sky & Telescope
Saturn's Bounty

Saturn’s spectacular rings and fascinating moons make it a favorite among observers. Download this free eBook for classic Sky & Telescope articles on the rings, Titan, and the rest of Saturn's often bizarre satellite family.
Mars Landings
Mars Landings: Then and Now

History proves that landing on Mars is not easy. Before Curiosity, 15 other spacecraft tried to reach the Red Planet's surface — only six succeeded. Learn the stories behind the spectacular successes and mysterious failures in this free eBook.
Astrophotography Primer
Astrophotography Primer

Everyone loves to look at pictures of the universe beyond our planet — Astronomy Picture of the Day is one of the most popular websites. And many people have probably wondered what it would take to capture photos like that with their own cameras. This guide will get you started on photographing the planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies.