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Saturn's Bounty
Sky & Telescope
To celebrate Saturn’s recent pass through opposition, its closest approach to Earth, the editors of Sky & Telescope compiled an eBook drawn from the pages of S&T that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the planet and its lunar family. Saturn's Bounty is free with registration.

"Ringworld Revelations" by Matthew S. Tiscareno focuses on Saturn’s rings. Unwrapped, they would stretch from Earth to the Moon, yet they're not much thicker than a troupe of acrobats standing on each other's shoulders. Find out how something so fragile can stay stable over time.

In addition to its vast rings, Saturn hosts 62 moons, of which Titan is the largest and most secretive. In "Titan: Earth in Deep Freeze" author Jason Barnes discusses the moon’s eerily Earth-like landscape, sculpted into mountains, lakes and dunes. Despite the similarities, it's a vastly different place, with "ghost rain," polar seas, and smog that falls out of the sky. Only recently have robotic probes returned fascinating detail about this curious world, and tantalizing secrets remain for future space missions.

Titan often gets the attention, but every one of Saturn’s moons is a unique geological wonder. "Ice Worlds of the Ringed Planet" by Emily Lakdawalla shows what NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has uncovered over the past decade, including ice-spewing geysers on Enceladus's surface, secrets from two-faced Iapetus, and tantalizing hints of another ring system around Rhea, Saturn's second-largest moon.

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