Saving Dark Skies – How to Help

As our love affair with artificial lighting spreads, fewer people are able to see and enjoy the beauties of the night sky. Many children today never see constellations, let alone the Milky Way Galaxy’s enchanting highway through the heavens.

But light pollution isn’t just about stars: it has widespread consequences on health, ecology, and economics. Here you’ll find facts about what light pollution is, how to combat it and reduce its effects, and what you can do to help bring back stars to our skies.

How Dark Is Your Night Sky?

Traditional and digital tools can help you learn the naked-eye magnitude limit of your sky and find out if the darkness has changed at your observing site.

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AMA Addresses Light Pollution

The American Medical Association has released a report detailing several possible health concerns related to nighttime light exposure. But some lighting researchers worry the conclusions are more alarmist than is warranted.