Daylight Phenomena

Not a night owl? There’s still a world of astronomy visible during the day. With the proper equipment, the Sun will dazzle you with its sun spots, coronal loops, and even flares. It becomes a dynamic, living body, changing unpredictably from day to day.

But the world of astronomy does get livelier right before the Sun dips below the horizon. If you’re lucky, for just a second or two, the smallest sliver of the remaining Sun will beam green, in what’s called the legendary green flash. Few have seen it with their own eyes. More commonly seen is the Belt of Venus, opposite the sunset where pink light borders the Earth’s shadow.

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The Transit of Venus: Tales from the 18th and 19th Centuries

A magnificent rendezvous between the planet of love and the bright orb of the Sun. One of the most celebrated phenomena in astronomy. A sight unseen by anyone alive today. With superlatives like these describing a transit of Venus, it is little wonder that astronomers are eagerly awaiting the next one — June 8, 2004.…