Holmes 17P | Don Golka

Don Golka
Location of photo
Lacombe Alta Canada
Date/Time of photo
03:07:35 UTC 27/10/2007
Image captured using a Skywatcher Pro 80ED with Meade DSI Pro piggybacked on a Celestron 10NGT AST mount.
From my location the core of the comet is not quite centralized. This is the fits heared info: EXPTIME = 53. / Total Exposure Time SNAPSHOT = 53 / Number of stacked images FOCALLEN = 600.00000000000000 / Focal Length OBSERVER = 'Don Golka' / Observer Name APTDIA = 80.000000000000000 / Aperture Diameter in mm TELESCOP = 'Sky Water Pro' / Telescope Model CCD-TEMP = 42.9 / CCD temp in F OBJECT = 'Holmes 17P' / Name of object INSTRUME = 'Deep Sky Imager Pro' / Imager Model TIME-OBS = '03:07:35' / UTC Time DATE-OBS = '27/10/2007' / UTC Date BSCALE = 1.0000000000000000 / BZERO = 0.00000000000000000 / INPUTFMT = 'FITS ' / Format of file from which image was read SWMODIFY = 'MaxIm DL Version 4.60' /Name of software that modified the image HISTORY Process Stretch HISTORY Process Stretch HISTORY Filter Unsharp Mask CBLACK = 0 /Initial display black level in ADUs CWHITE = 62183 /Initial display white level in ADUs PEDESTAL = 0 /Correction to add for zero-based ADU SWOWNER = 'Don Golka' / Licensed owner of software HISTORY Filter Remove Gradient
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