Sky & Telescope January 2010



NASA Sets Its Sights on the Sun
The Solar Dynamics Observatory will reveal new details about the Sun's powerful magnetic storms.
By Laura Layton and Dean Pesnell

Finding the First Galaxies
Hubble has imaged the most distant galaxies yet. But to see the first galaxies, astronomers need to go even deeper.
By Jonathan P. Gardner

Hot Products for 2010
Our annual roundup of Hot Products highlights the most intriguing new astronomy gear on the market.
By Dennis di Cicco



Spacecraft Imaging for Amateurs
An international community of space enthusiasts has become adept at processing and reinterpreting images from planetary spacecraft. Here's what you need to know to join them.
By Emily Lakdawalla

Missing Pages
Due to an error at the printing company in Kentucky, pages 87 to 94 are missing from the January issue. These pages include the Market Place ads and Focal Point. We will reprint the Focal Point in the March issue. In the meantime, we are making the eight-page section available on our website as PDFs.
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope



Auriga, the Charioteer
Some of the sky's finest nebulae and star clusters adorn this constellation.
By Sue French

Galaxy Groups in Triangulum
Want to exercise your 18-inch scope under dark skies? Triangulum has a lot to offer beyond well-known M33.
By Ken Hewitt-White

Craters upon Craters
Layered impact features offer visual clues to the Moon's history.
By Charles A. Wood

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