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Sky & Telescope isn’t just a world-renowned astronomy magazine. We also produce spectacular globes of solar system worlds, sky atlases, calendars, and webinars with leading experts in astrophotography, planetary science, eclipses, and more. We also lead tours around the world to astronomy-focused destinations. Find out what newest products and travel we have on offer.

Live Webinar: Create Great Panoramas of the Night Sky

Join Babak Tafreshi's live webinar as he shares his personal techniques for stitching together stunning nightscape panoramas. Do you like the appearance of ultra-wide-field panoramas of the Milky Way, and wonder how you can take shots like them yourself? Then attend this live webinar to learn how to take these unique photographs. Achieving high resolution…

Gifts for the Astronomer: Top Editors’ Picks

Searching for that perfect astronomy-themed gift for a friend or loved one? Look no further, we've got you covered, with globes, atlases, calendars, and much more! Top 5 Editors' Picks 1. Celestial Globe ($99.95) This 12-inch freestanding globe allows you to explore the stars with an “inside-out” perspective that closely matches what you see in…

Alan Stern with Pluto bumper sticker

Join Alan Stern in S&T‘s Next Live Webinar!

No matter what your level of interest in planetary exploration, you won't want to miss S&T's live webinar on Saturday, January 28th. Hear Alan Stern's personal take on how NASA's New Horizons spacecraft got to Pluto and what we learned once it got there.

Top 10 Things I Wasn’t Expecting in Iceland

This coming October 2-8, 2016, in concert with Spears Travel, S&T will run its 4th annual trip to Iceland to witness the famed northern lights. For details, see the full itinerary. If you’re already set to book it, do so here. When I joined Sky & Telescope's 3rd annual trip to Iceland last October, I…