Sky Publishing Books & Products

Sky Publishing serves a global audience of passionate, active astronomy hobbyists. In addition to publishing the monthly magazine Sky & Telescope and our annuals SkyWatch and Beautiful Universe, we produce a variety of high-quality books, star atlases, sky calendars, observing guides, posters, prints, maps, and globes. We sell these products via our Web site, our printed catalogs, an international network of telescope shops and other dealers, and an expanding number of book retailers.

If you have a book or product you'd like us to consider publishing or producing, please provide the following information:

  1. Tentative title of book or name of product.
  2. Your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, and those of any coauthors.
  3. A short synopsis of your book or product (no more than two or three paragraphs) describing its content and approach, special or unique features, and any other important details. If you've already worked up an outline, please include it.
  4. A table of contents (books only).
  5. A brief description of your intended audience. Please be as specific as possible. If you have a book idea, reading Sky & Telescope and Night Sky magazines will give you a sense of the target audiences for the books we publish.
  6. Your credentials, including a resume, vita, or biographical summary. Please also briefly describe your experience in amateur or professional astronomy. If yours is a book proposal, note any other books (or articles) you've authored and include a photocopy of a chapter or a published article.
  7. A sample chapter (books only). This is, perhaps, the most important item as it shows us how you intend to approach the topic. The sample should be from the core of the proposed book, not an introduction or an appendix. (If you send an electronic version, the copy must be in Word for Mac or PC.)
  8. An indication of the type of images or illustrations that you might require, and where they might be obtained (books only).

Please Note: We are interested only in proposals for books or products aimed at practicing amateur astronomers, be they experienced or novice. We do not consider proposals for telescope-related hardware, nor do we publish coffee-table books or astronomy-themed fiction.

Please send your proposal to:

Peter Tyson
Editor in Chief
Sky & Telescope Media, LLC
90 Sherman St.
Cambridge, MA 02140, USA
Phone: +1 617-864-7360, ext. 2144
Fax: +1 617-864-6117