Celestial Events


A Comet Worth Waiting For?

Observers using the automated Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii have found a new comet. As of right now, it might brighten to 1st magnitude in early 2013, but it's far too early to be certain of that.

A Mad Dash for the Draconids

If celestial prognosticators are right, the little-known Draconid meteor shower could deliver hundreds of "shootings stars" per hour during a brief window on Saturday, October 8th. But the outburst's timing favors Europe, not North America.

Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer

A Sign of the Times

What's with the sudden realization that the zodiac has 13 constellations and that Sun signs have shifted due to precession? S&T devotees — and astrologers — have known this all along.

Great World Wide Star Count

A Star Count for Everyone

Take part in this year's Great World Wide Star Count, and you'll be joining thousands of other "citizen scientists" in raising dark-sky awareness around the globe.


A Timely Cover-up by Ceres

Before dawn on Friday, October 25th, observers along the East Coast have an opportunity to watch the large asteroid Ceres cover a faint star — an event that could aid the forthcoming arrival of NASA's Dawn spacecraft.