dark matter

dark matter detector

Detecting Dark Matter

Dark matter was discovered 80 years ago when astronomer Fritz Zwicky spied a galaxy cluster whirling so fast, the galaxies were bound to fly apart unless something — something less luminous than ordinary stars or gas — held them together. Decades later, the scientific community concedes the existence of dark matter, after many different kinds…

Bullet Cluster

Does a Fifth Force Permeate the Universe?

A team of theoretical physicists thinks a fifth force could explain an anomaly spotted in a nuclear physics experiment. If true, it could have huge ramifications for particle physics and dark matter — but that’s a pretty big if.

dark matter detector

Homing in on Dark Matter

Three potential detections from deep underground could be from dark matter particles. While still uncertain, the result suggests a particle mass in keeping with hints from several other experiments.

Hints of "dark matter"?

Is Fermi Seeing Dark Matter?

A new analysis showing a cloud of high-energy particles hovering around the center of the Milky Way could be the signature of dark matter and evidence of a “dark force”, but not everyone is convinced.