Astronomical Society of Kansas City

NAME Astronomical Society of Kansas City ADDRESS P.O. Box 400 Blue Springs, Missouri USA 64013 CONTACT David Young 913-438-3825 EMAIL askc_questions@askc.org URL http://www.askc.org OTHER INFORMATION The ASKC is one of the largest and most active astronomy clubs in the United States. With over 350 members, the club operates Powell Observatory featuring a 30" reflecting telescope…

Camden County Astronomy Club

NAME Camden County Astronomy Club ADDRESS Central Bank of the Ozarks Camdenton Missouri 65079 USA CONTACT Ginny Strogen PHONE 573-374-4144 EMAIL Astronomyclub@hotmail.com URL http://www.camdencountyastronomy.org/ NUMBER OF MEMBERS 100 OTHER INFORMATION Our Club has a 10 acre dark sky site in Montreal, MO. We have also to date built 2 observatory buildings on our dark sky…

Laws Obs.

NAME Laws Obs. ADDRESS Dept. of Physics and AstronomyUniv. of MissouriColumbiaMissouri 65211 USA CONTACT PHONE 314-882-3335 EMAIL URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS OTHER INFORMATION

Ozarks Amateur Astronomers Club

NAME Ozarks Amateur Astronomers Club ADDRESS Southwest Missouri State UniversityDept. of Physics and Astronomy 901 S. NationalSpringfieldMissouri 65804 USA CONTACT Bob Jackson PHONE 417-836-5131 EMAIL jac08@ibm.net URL http://organizations.smsu.edu/oaac/ NUMBER OF MEMBERS OTHER INFORMATION