Observing Techniques

Nick Risinger in Colorado

5,000 Megapixels of Sky

Seattle amateur Nick Risinger had an idea and some free time. One year and more than 37,000 images later, he's created an awesome panorama of the entire celestial sphere.

Green Lasers: A Hidden Danger

They're compact, handy, and incredibly useful at star parties. But beware: a new study reveals that your bargain-priced green laser pointer might be emitting harmful amounts of infrared energy.


An article in Scientific American suggests that training your eye to see faint objects may have a physiological basis.

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The Ultimate Mobile Guide to Saturn

Our new SaturnMoons app guides you around the ringed planet as it brightens in the night sky in advance of an April 28th opposition. Learn about Saturn's bizarre satellite family, then find the moons in your own scope.