Kepler-62's habitable-zone exoplanets

Almost Earth-like Exoplanets

NASA’s Kepler mission has discovered a 5-planet system that includes a hot Mars and four super-Earths, two of which might host liquid water. These aren’t quite the Earth-like exoplanets Kepler’s been looking for, but they’re close.

exoplanet hunter Sara Seager

Sara Seager Talks about Super-Earths

The count of known planets outside the solar system continues to rise. At the time of this writing in mid-August, the tally stands at about 470. But it’s not just the rising number of known worlds that demonstrates the remarkably rapid progress in exoplanet research. Astronomers are finding new types of planets, especially those with…

Cloudy Super-Earth

Weather on Alien Worlds

From high-altitude clouds discovered on a super-Earth to massive, hurricane-force storms on a nearby brown dwarf, a bevy of results show that the age of “astrometeorology” is upon us.