Binoculars: Guides and Recommendationss

When you’re new to stargazing, the first step seems obvious: buy a telescope. But a good pair of binoculars will serve you just as well in bringing the stars a bit closer to your eyes, though with a larger field of view that makes the heavens a bit easier to understand. And even a good pair of binoculars will generally be cheaper than a new telescope. Browse the articles below for some tips on choosing the best binoculars for stargazing. You’ll also find articles that cover binocular basics, introducing you to the terms that you’ll need to know when you buy.

(If you’re looking for some observing targets for your new binoculars, you’ll always find a great selection in the Binocular Highlights section of Sky &Telescope. Or for a year’s steady supply, check out the book version of the magazine column: Binocular Highlights by Gary Seronik.)


Binocular Blogs

Binocular stargazing has a peaceful, organic quality that's hard to achieve through a telescope. Here's a list of some blogs the author has written on this subject.

Binocular exit pupils

Power and Aperture in Binoculars

They come in a wide range of apertures. But for astronomy, large aperture is only part of the story. High magnification is just as important when binoculars are used on a night sky that's not absolutely dark.