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Sky & Telescope senior editor Alan MacRobert has been covering all aspects of astronomy since 1982.

Title page of C. E. Barns's 1001 Celestial Wonders, 1931 edition.

More from C. E. Barnes’s 1001 Celestial Wonders

In the July 2016 Sky & Telescope, Jim Mullaney presents "A Forgotten Observing Classic": the story of Charles Edward Barns and his delightful 1927 amateur-astronomy guide 1001 Celestial Wonders as Observed with Home-Built Instruments. Today Barns's reputation, to the extent that the amateur community knows of him at all, stems from his colorful and...

Photo-illustration of Moon occulting star in blue sky

Crescent Moon To Cover Aldebaran

On Sunday afternoon, April 10th, you'll see the waxing crescent Moon hanging high in a sunny blue sky if the weather is as good as we hope it'll be. Look with a telescope from nearly anywhere in North America, and you can find something else too. Somewhere in the Moon's vicinity will be 1st-magnitude...

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This Week’s Sky at a Glance, March 25 – April 2

Friday, March 25 • By 11 p.m. now, the bowl of the Big Dipper stands upside down high in the north-northeast, straight over the bowl of the dim Little Dipper as if dumping water into it. In the fall, they do the reverse. Saturday, March 26 • The huge, bright Winter Hexagon is still...

Daryll LaCourse, Kepler data miner.

Planet Hunter Wins Amateur Research Award

The Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award, issued annually by the American Astronomical Society (AAS) "for exemplary research by an amateur astronomer" if there is a suitable candidate, goes to Darryll LaCourse of Marysville, Washington.