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Monica Young, a professional astronomer by training, is web editor of Sky & Telescope, where she creates, manages, and maintains website content, and contributes to the magazine.

Astronomers Amateur Club of Charlotte

NAME Astronomers Amateur Club of Charlotte ADDRESS 1105 D Technology Dr. Indian Trail, North Carolina 28079 USA CONTACT Richard Saia PHONE 704-763-1318 EMAIL URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS 10 OTHER INFORMATION

Sky & Telescope October 2016

Inside the October 2016 Issue

PURCHASE PRINT ISSUE | PURCHASE DIGITAL ISSUE | PURCHASE BACK ISSUES | SUBSCRIBE Shedding Light on Pluto, Finding Life on Mars New Horizons' flight past Pluto last year revealed a stunning world we couldn't have dreamed up — now scientists are sifting through the data, trying to make sense of this frozen wonderland. A little…

Tenerife Astronomy Society

NAME Tenerife Astronomy Society ADDRESS Vilaflor, Tenerife Canary Islands CONTACT Simon Rowland PHONE EMAIL URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS OTHER INFORMATION

Pi in the Sky

April 1st Astronomy Hijinks

In breaking news today, astronomers have discovered Pi in the sky, proposed a revolutionary search for extraterrestrial environmentalism . . . and oh yes, April Fools’!