The sky is always changing. Planets dance in the evening, stars explode as supernovae, and new comets grace dawn skies. Here we bring together all the astronomy tips and resources you’ll need to observe the glories that light up the heavens.

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NGC 3172 by David Ratledge

Circumpolar Galaxies

In our February 2016 issue, Contributing Editor Steve Gottlieb provided some inspiration for observing galaxies in "the far north," or above +85° declination. On a single night at a remote site in the Sierra Nevada range (7,200 feet elevation), he observed  35 circumpolar galaxies, including a few below the +85° cut-off limit. Here, we're...

Elliptical Galaxy IC 2006

Monster Galaxies

Take advantage of early evenings and dark winter skies — turn your scope southward to view some of the most massive objects in the universe.

Pop goes the nova

“Blink” a Nova Tonight

Like people doing good imitations, novae often mimic planetary nebulae. Read on to learn how to watch the evolution of these tricksters using a common nebula filter.