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When was the last time you toured Whether you are a weather-tested astronomer who has logged a decade's worth of observing nights, or a newbie just entering the market for your first telescope, you've come to the right place.

Beautiful Universe Reader’s Choice Award

Cast your ballot now for the Beautiful Universe 2007 Edition Reader's Choice Award. Our judges have culled the very best images from the hundreds of reader submissions. Have a look at the amazing shots in each of the nine categories and choose your favorites!

S&T Test Report: Good Gets Better: Meade’s DSI II CCD Cameras

Meade’s original DSI cameras introduced in 2005 offered an unprecedented value for entry-level deep-sky digital imaging. Less than a year later they have been replaced with the DSI II models, which feature improved hardware and software. While the prices have increased, the new cameras still represent an unmatched value for deep-sky imaging when the powerful…

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Tony Flanders's biggest and smallest telescopes.

Will I save money by making my own telescopes?

If I make my own telescope, will I save money? That depends on two things: how large a telescope you’re considering, and how many of the pieces you plan to build versus buy. Given the low prices of today’s commercial telescopes, you will be hard pressed to save money building a 6-inch reflector unless you’re…