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Roger Sinnott is a senior contributing editor at Sky & Telescope.

New Comet Machholz

California's comet-hunting veteran Don Machholz bagged his 11th discovery on March 23 and 26, 2010. It's a faint diffuse comet, low in the morning sky.

In Memoriam: John Gregory

The world of amateur telescope making has lost a charismatic optical engineer and innovator at age 82. One of the "big guns" of yesteryear, John Gregory introduced the Gregory-Maksutov telescope design, giving basement mirror makers a high-end alternative to, well, just mirrors.

Five Amateurs Win Comet Prize

The 2009 Edgar Wilson Award honors amateur astronomers who discovered five different comets in the last 12 months, proving that backyard comet hunting still thrives in this age of automated professional sky patrols.

Eclipse Over a Pacific Isle

The coral-ringed islet of Ouba in Kiribati (the Gilbert Islands) is less than a kilometer in circumference and about the remotest corner of Earth from which one could witness the total solar eclipse on July 22, 2009. A select group from Ring of Fire Expeditions did just that.

Astronomers Re-Date Caesar’s Invasion of Britain

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Donald W. Olson, Department of Physics, Texas State University     512-245-2131, Roger W. Sinnott, Senior Editor, Sky & Telescope     617-864-7360 x2146, Cambridge, MA, June 30, 2008 — Researchers from Texas State University have revised the date when Julius Caesar invaded Britain in 55 BC, a transformational event in world history.…