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Perhaps you’ve noticed your night skies are growing brighter every year. Maybe you’ve delved deep into observing variable stars and are ready to contribute your measurements to the pros. Or maybe you don’t even own a telescope but still want to take part in astronomy. There’s a place in the astronomy community for you, so jump in and get started!

Citizen Science Projects – Take part in astronomy, even if you don’t have a telescope!
Pro-Am Collaborations – Contribute your amateur observing resources to professional research
Save Dark Skies! – Find out how you can help take a stand against light pollution

Possible Fireball Outburst Sept 9-10

An unexpected meteor burst was detected on the night of September 8-9. Bill Cooke of the Marshall Space Flight Center is urging meteor watchers to see if the activity continues on the night of September 9-10.

S&T’s Star-count Challenge!

How bad is the light pollution where you live? How many stars can you see on a dark night? Last year the GLOBE at Night project tallied 8,500 star-counting estimates from around the world. That's great — but we can do better! All it'll take is 30 minutes and a clear evening between now and…