Atmospheric Phenomena

Aurora over northern Norway

An Amazing Aurora Video

Night after freezing night, Norwegian photographer Ole Salomonsen gathered aurora photos — 50,000 in all — to produce a breathtaking video that reveals the northern lights' true splendor.

Aurigid meteors

Aurigids Aplenty!

Just as predicted, the Aurigid shower delivered a burst of meteors created by particles shed by a comet more than 2,000 years ago.

Saturn and Antares

What was that flashing light in the sky?

I'm new to astronomy (1½ months) and I live in New Jersey. Last night, July 31st, I saw a bright planet (I assume Jupiter) in the southwestern sky, and just below it what looked like an airplane with a flashing red tail marker — but it never moved. When I got home I looked at…

2008 Leonid meteors

Will the Leonids Roar Again?

Anyone who remembers the spectacular displays of Leonid meteors in 1999–2002 would surely love to see them again. Good news! Theorists predict that the Leonids might be back for a modest encore in mid-November 2009.