Sky & Telescope Test Reports

How We Conduct S&T Test Reports

Reader surveys tell us that one of the main reasons you turn to Sky & Telescope each month is to learn about new astronomical products. Thus we would like to describe the mission of S&T Test Report and the ground rules we've adopted for reviewing equipment. Most of these policies and procedures have been in…

Meade’s RCX400: Raising the Bar

When Meade Instruments announced its new RCX400 line of catadioptric telescopes in early 2005, it created such a buzz in the astronomical community that I visited the company's Irvine, California, headquarters to look at prototypes and talk with the people spearheading the project. My preview of the scopes based on that trip appears in the…

S&T Test Report: Good Gets Better: Meade’s DSI II CCD Cameras

Meade’s original DSI cameras introduced in 2005 offered an unprecedented value for entry-level deep-sky digital imaging. Less than a year later they have been replaced with the DSI II models, which feature improved hardware and software. While the prices have increased, the new cameras still represent an unmatched value for deep-sky imaging when the powerful…

S&T Test Report: A Triple-Digit Field of View

Tele Vue's 13-mm Ethos eyepiece, with a 100° apparent field of view, is poised to revolutionize deep-sky observing, as the first Nagler eyepiece did 26 years ago. Inside the October 2007 issue of Sky & Telescope. On newsstands September 4th!

S&T Test Report: To the Point with mySKY

Enjoy your own personalized planetarium show under a starry sky with this clever bit of electronic wizardry from Meade. Download the test report in our online store, Inside the May issue of Sky & Telescope. On newsstands April 1st!