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Here you’ll find the resources you need to get started observing, photographing, and more — your essential introduction to astronomy. Learn the best telescopes for starting out, the basics of using a star wheel, and find Spanish-language introductions to stargazing. Whatever you try, good luck and clear skies!

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Annual Stargazing Events

Name Location Date Winter Star Party West Summerland Key, FL Feb Hodges Gardens Star Party Florien, LA Mar Delmarva Spring Star Gaze Tuckahoe State Park, MD Mar Southern Star Astronomical Convention Little Switzerland, NC Apr Mid-South Star Gaze French Camp, MS Apr Northeast Astronomy Forum Suffern, NY Apr Astronomy Day (spring) Everywhere! Apr/May Texas Star…

High-Definition Space Telescope (HDST)

Kavli Foundation Q&A: Searching for Alien Life with a “Super-Hubble” Space Telescope

Watch a Q&A with two astronomers on the promise of Hubble's successor telescope, courtesy of The Kavli Foundation. Scientists have unveiled a bold proposal for a giant new space-based telescope that would be far more powerful than today's observatories. Called the High Definition Space Telescope (HDST), the instrument is essentially a supersized Hubble Space Telescope,…